Thursday, April 12, 2012

Earthquake ! 11042012

Well! 11042012 is Yang di-Pertuan Agong ascend the throne today!!

And its also listed today as Public Holiday!!

It's sound great right ?

Because of the Public Holiday!!

But actually it's a Unfortunately Day!!


Well, I'm going for the movie " Street Dance 2 " 
with my dearest ♥

Street Dance 2 =)

While waiting for the movie, first earthquake attack !

Since all the people in that mall run , we also follow it.

We run till the basement and out of the building!

Its make me feel freaking scare =(

Situation Around 1st Avenue

Situation Around Pragin Mall ( Komtar Side )

Situation Around Pragin Mall ( Sushi King Side )

See all the photo ? That's the situation when earthquake was happened !!

All people are scared about that! & thinking about whether The Day Of End Of The World is coming ? 

After half an hour, We back to the cinema hall again.

My movie was delay because some movie doesn't finish because of earthquake & they continue their movie again.

Its okay I think that.

Finally is our turn to get in the cinema hall for our lovely movie.

While enjoying our movie, second earthquake is attack again!!


It's look more serious than the 1st attack!!

Whole cinema keep shake & shake!

All people was run!!

We are not backward!

We also run away from the building!!

& we straight back to home!!

That is the 1st time that I feel how earthquake is!

Its also my 1st time feel the earthquake while watching movie at the mall!!

This feeling is hard to forget!

& my movie! I didn't watch for the ending !


Whatever, have to wait for the CD version d =( 

So bad!!

My movie ticket! Can I exchange with the Cinema ?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Should I buy It ? Hmmm...


Confuse of it ><

Should I buy the phone ?


Know why I wanna Buy that ?

Now I'm using Sony Ericsson Xperia 8.

Its look nice but after you use it you'll know that it's a SHIT phone!!

Its keep lagging & Internal memory its damn LOW!!

So now I wish to buy Samsung Galaxy W!

I like it because of the internal memory is 2GB!!

Can let me download a lot of game!

For example Temple Run!

My X8 Cant download it!!


Its said : This Application is Incompatible with your phone!!

It make me feel temper!!!


So should I change it ?

I have to pay RM 900++ just can get that as my phone!

So should I ?

Thinking & thinking ><
I wish to have this as my phone!
Galaxy W ♡

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